What We Believe


Purely.  Naturally.  Lovely.

At Lyeska, we believe that a skincare product should do more than just preserve or enhance beauty; it should make you feel confident that you are making an informed, responsible and healthy choice for both yourself and for the world around you.

How you care for your skin is a simple but important decision that can reflect your existing commitment to a sustainable lifestyle or represent a first step towards a new approach toward living.

Through Lyeska, we hope to share something unique and beautiful from our Founder’s home country that helps women not only achieve healthier skin, but also a better sense of well-being.


Our Values

We work hard to ensure that our actions and decisions are guided by fairness, openness, and a sense of responsibility by:

  • developing effective and safe products through extensive research, consultation with experts, and thorough testing.
  • considering the environment in our formulations, packaging, and business decisions
  • giving back to the forests and communities that provide our ingredients
  • building a relationship with our customers based on honesty and trust

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