Our Story

Lyeska’s story starts in Russia’s remote Far East, where founder Katya Hegg was born. During her childhood, the women in Katya’s family turned to natural skincare options, created from botanical ingredients gathered from their garden and the nearby forests to beautify their skin.

Years later, Katya’s life journey brought her to New York, where the contaminants and stresses of city life led her to seek out new and effective ways to protect, nourish and rejuvenate her skin. She soon discovered that many products – including “natural” ones – contained numerous unhealthy chemicals, allergens and irritants. After her children were born, she became even more committed to keeping her household and lifestyle as natural as possible.

As part of her efforts, Katya revisited the botanical heritage of her home country, especially the forests of Siberia. In doing so, she rediscovered a remarkable resource that harnessed the purity and life-giving properties of this remote ecosystem: Siberian cedar nut oil.

Inspired by her personal experience with Siberian cedar nut oil, Katya began developing a skincare line that harnessed its rich concentrations of Vitamin E, fatty acids and other skin-nourishing components.

Finally, she chose the name “Lyeska” from the Russian word for forest (“Lyes”), to reflect her love of and commitment to the forests from which she drew her inspiration.

Lyeska thus represents Katya’s own personal aspirations – to run an ethical, sustainable business that supports healthy and natural lifestyles, and to share the unique gifts and traditions of her home country.

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