How We Make Our Products


LYESKA was born with the goal of creating a complete, safe and effective skincare product range.

Through years of careful, well-thought out development, involving extensive research and numerous formulations, we have created a line that fulfills our own high expectations of what a natural product should be.

Our formulations are designed to be simple and effective, combining Siberian cedar nut oil with selected ingredients that address specific skin needs.  We do not use artificial colors, chemical fragrances, GMO’s or harsh preservatives.  We do not test any of our products on animals.

In addition, our ingredient sourcing, manufacturing processes, and packaging design are all informed by an approach that is honest, ethical, and sustainable.


Product Development

Our product line is designed around the unique strengths of Siberian cedar nut oil, enhanced with additional natural, organic and wild-harvested ingredients.

We have invested a great deal of effort and resources to ensure that our products are safe, natural and effective while also being environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Each product has been re-formulated and re-designed numerous times by chemists specializing in organic skin care resulting in an effective, complete skincare solution without resorting to chemical substitutions or artificial coloring, fragrances or preservatives.

We have carefully researched and evaluated each active and inactive ingredient in our formulations,  All of our botanical ingredients come from sustainable sources. Scenting is achieved solely through essential oils that also serve a beneficial purpose.  We have used the latest naturally-based preservatives, which provide safety and stability without the undesirable side effects of many artificial options.

Our products are free from GMOs and parabens.  They are cruelty-free, and are never tested on animals.



Our botanical ingredients are all ethically and sustainably sourced.

Our Siberian cedar nut oil comes from seeds that are hand-harvested using techniques that do not harm the trees.  Our supplier employs local villagers in the collection and processing of the seeds (learn more).

For our other natural components, we utilize certified organic or wild-harvested sources wherever possible.  We partner with reputable, experienced suppliers to ensure that our ingredients are pure and of the highest quality.



Our production partner is Ecocert, USDA Organic and Oregon Tilth certified, and has nearly two decades of experience in producing natural, organic skincare formulations using sustainable methods. Some of our products such as face oils are made and bottled locally in Brooklyn .

We manufacture our products in small production runs to ensure the quality and safety of every bottle and tube.  Every step of formulation, production, bottling and packaging is supervised and quality-tested to ensure you receive the safest, purest product possible.



All Lyeska paper is 100% recyclable. For our outer boxes we use 100% post consumer recycled paper which is certified by Green Seal and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  It is manufactured with wind power and made carbon neutral, and is processed without chlorine. Our printer is FSC-certified and uses soy/vegetable inks.

Our bottles provide a safer, more ecologically-friendly environment for our ingredients. Clear glass is the easiest to recycle and can be processed by the largest number of recycling facilities.

Our tubes are BPA-free, and composed of environmentally-friendly resins.  They are 100% recyclable.

Our closures & pumps are made from plastic and are recyclable. (Our pumps have a metal spring inside; these can be taken out and recycled separately).

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