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Lyeska’s Siberian cedar nut oil comes from wild-harvested seed kernels gathered from the ecologically clean forests of remote Siberia.  These seeds are cold-pressed and minimally processed, resulting in a sustainably-produced oil that is of the highest purity and nutritive quality.

The Siberian cedar nut is the seed kernel of the Siberian cedar (a member of the pine family) which grows in vast forests that stretch across entire breadth of Asia and Eastern Europe.  Each of these trees began life as a tiny seed, filled with enough life-giving nutrients to sprout and thrive even in near-arctic conditions.

Siberian cedar trees only reach seed-bearing maturity after about thirty years.  The individual cones containing seeds mature every two years; however, most trees only produce a significant harvest every four or five years.  This slow rate of growth and uneven pattern of maturity means that although the trees are widespread, harvestable seed kernels are relatively scarce, making them a highly valued resource.

For these reasons, Siberian cedar nuts have been prized by the local people for centuries for their nutritive and healing qualities.  They play an important role in supplementing the local diet, and are used for a wide range of healing purposes.

Our supplier obtains the highest quality of Siberian cedar nut oil by working with village communities in the Altai and Duva regions that have direct access to wild growth forests that are untouched by pesticides or chemical contaminants.  In some cases, the harvesting of the seed kernals represents the main source of income for these villages.

These local partners harvest the seed-bearing cones by hand, gathering them from the forest floor after they have matured and fallen from the tree.  (Some harvesters strike the tree trunks to force immature cones to fall, resulting in inferior oil and damage to the trees themselves).

The seeds are extracted from the cones by the villagers, and are then transported to the factory, where there are shelled and sorted by hand.  The sorted seeds are then cold-pressed to obtain the oil and then immediately bottled.  Neither the seeds or the oil are heated or treated with any additives at any step in the process, ensuring that the finished oil maintains its purity and nutritive power.

The bottled oil is then shipped to our production facility, where it is incorporated into our small-batch production process and becomes part of the Lyeska product line.

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