Cedar Nut Oil

Cedar Nut Oil | Composition & Benefits | Origin & Sourcing


Lyeska’s products harness the skin-nourishing power of Siberian cedar nut oil, produced from the seed kernels of Siberian cedar (‘kedr’) trees. Siberian cedar nut oil has been used by Siberian women for centuries to protect and nourish their skin.

These seeds must give birth to a flourishing, majestic tree, in the near-arctic conditions of remote Siberia. Therefore, each one is filled with an intense concentration of fundamental life-giving nutrients, many of which also play an important role in skin health.

Thanks to our cold-press extraction process, our Siberian Cedar Nut Oil preserves these nutrients at their peak purity and highest possible levels.

We invite you to explore the nutritive composition and benefits of this unique resource, and to learn about the origin and sourcing of the oil we use in our products.

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